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2022 Planning

Planning has started for my 2022 trips and I couldn’t be more excited about what lies in store.. My first trip is planned for the end of February and this one I have been looking forward to for more than a year. I have signed up for a four day Adventure Training skills course with …

landscape image of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Mountains trip – Day 4

338 miles Day 4 was another longish ride to get back to coastal NC and home. Although the first 20 miles or so were on the BRP, the rest was mainly highway all the way back to Southport No major issues, the roads were mainly dry, not too busy (even through the larger towns and …


Blue Ridge Mountains trip – Day 3

159 Miles Day 3 started early (its been a long time since I camped and I have to admit, it wasn’t the most comfortable of nights!). Nothing to do with the gear, just an old man’s bones creaking… As I mentioned, the Smoky Mountains Meadows Campground was fantastic, a nice warm shower to start the …

Blue Ridge Mountains landscape

Blue Ridge Mountains trip – Day 2

164 miles Day 2 started nice and early, a hot breakfast and out on the road! I used the BMW Navigator 6 for the first time (I had pre-created my route in Basecamp and imported into the Navigator, but for some reason it didn’t like the trip file). The navigator was also having issues connecting …

Weather map showing thunderstorm activity

Blue Ridge Mountains trip – Day 1

343 miles Day 1 started very much as planned, i had already prepped the bike and finalized packing the night before, so pretty much up and out first thing in the morning The plan was to cover almost 400 miles today, the eastern coast of NC up to just west of Bryson City, an easy …

Route map of Day 2 of the Blue Ridge Mountains trip

Blue Ridge Mountains Planning

Planning is well underway for the first long weekend trip of the year. The bike is serviced and ready to go and I can’t wait to get on the road early Friday morning. The plan is for a long 400 mile day 1 (mostly highway) to get up to just west of Asheville, NC and …


Lake Waccamaw, NC

Sunday saw a nice ride out to Lake Waccamaw, NC. Pretty nice weather (mid 70’s and dry), roads were great and traffic was light. The lake was reasonably busy with lots of folks enjoying a nice spring day on the water. I was really impressed with Lake Waccamaw, a beautiful little part of NC – …